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How does AyRecovery™ work?

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How does AyRecovery™ work? Empty How does AyRecovery™ work?

Post  anyue Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:32 pm

AyRecovery provides the protection without the need for backups or carrying duplicate images of hard drives. AyRecovery allows users to create a “snapshot” of the entire system and data at a specific time. Technically speaking, a snapshot is a map of the hard disk sectors and the map’s indexing system. Practically speaking, a snapshot is a “picture” of the system and data at a specific time. Users can select a specific snapshot to recover files from or restore the entire system to.

AyRecovery Professional Edition supports up to 1,000 snapshots. The overhead of taking those snapshots is just 0.07% disk space.


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